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Tonal & Colour Corrections

14th September 2016

We did a series of exercises working with various methods of tonal and colour corrections in Adobe Photoshop CS6. Here is one example of how we used a Black and White adjustment layer, and placed it between the small images on the bottom, which had separate layers, and the background. This turned the background Black and White, while the small images remained in colour. We also grouped the small images together.h607-adjustments_11-edit


This was a startling exercise, first using Vibrance to adjust the colour levels, and then lassoing the sign in the background, then deleting using “content aware” setting, which actually allows the computer to work out what would make sense to be in place of the sign that is removed.



I also did a few other exercises with adjusting levels in various ways. Here is an example.



Exercise 6 – Image Manipulation

Looked a bit at “Saving for the Web,” which was quite a good topic… gcflearnfree.org was a good video site that we looked at a tutorial. I want to look over that for my research. There is also Lynda.com which is another source for info.

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